Thursday, 29 October 2009

Insides and stuff

The image above (Ercia Dorn Anatomy of intimacy) is something I saw on the Creative Review webiste, it really made me smile. The conecpt was exploring the idea of love and intimacy, I liked how it gave a mixed feeling of innocence yet there is something a bit sinister about it. It is from a two part set the first one representing honesty (above) and the second representing commitment shown with a sculpture of two people connected by an umbilical cord. Thought they were both pretty good metaphors for what love is.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Max et les Maximonstres

I just remembered the trailer I saw months ago (since the film is actually out now) for the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. I remember thinking how great the typography was so I hunted it out on youtube for some stills. It really captures the theme of the book with the type being childlike without being the cliche comic sans esque stuff that people insist on using. It's fun and monster-y :) Since the book is a childhood favourite I think I am going to be a geek and go see the film.... shame I have no small children to borrow as an excuse... ooh well..

That time I made a blog


Well I thought I better get on and make my blog since it isn't going to write itself :) So here it is, a place for my thoughts and inspirations among other things... enjoy...