Sunday, 27 December 2009

I need a new job.

Sorry about lack of posts recently been pretty busy, currently spending most of my time getting up before 7 am and having my soul drained by Marks and Spencers. But hey it's money! Sooo yeah made this the other day thought I would post it because I haven't posted anything for a couple of days.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I bought this print last night (from, as I want some nice things to put on my bedroom walls in my uni house. Also need to finish my christmas shopping and because it goes something like this- 1 present for you: 3 things for me it might take me a while...

Sunday, 20 December 2009


Yup it's a spotty Aga, I love these things my boyfriend has one (a green one not a spotty one) so when I visit I end up just sitting by it, I miss warmth when I am at uni. Anyway more importantly just discovered my claim to fame..... My step dad is the guy that puts all the spots on the spotty Aga's! They are a limited edition design to celebrate 300 years of Aga so if you have £1o,000 lying around...

Friday, 18 December 2009

Food Type

Yeah sorry the photo is a bit rubbish camera is still broken so took this on my phone. Anyone ever noticed how shaped or letter spaghetti tastes so much better than regular spaghetti? I have found that Spiderman shaped spaghetti is a particular favourite of mine...

Saturday, 12 December 2009


I am sorry the posts have been a bit sparse this week, been up to my neck with deadlines and various things. But I am all done for christmas now! Off to my boyfs house for a few days so I will post some things when I get back home at the end of next week. So I will leave you with some christmas cards I made in print, sorry they are so light I have broken my camera and so my scanner is all I have left. So merry christmas from a fax machine :)

Monday, 7 December 2009

1 Please.

Few images from a lovely idea by Habitat, the basic premise is a large format book featuring awesome artwork from up and coming designers and illustrators. All 20 of the images are removable and can then be placed in 50x70 frames, hence the name 50by70. Apparently it is an 'affordable' £60 but last time I looked it was sold out, sorry kids guess you will have to get me something else for christmas....

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Thought I would also post a quick update on my work. Starting making and printing my book this weekend for the digital module, not so much a book rather lots of postcard with images from my work on them... Currently trying to find some sort of nice folding paper thing to encase them in. Although me and my naughty printer have had a falling out over it's fickle temperament, so managed to get 12 out of the 16 cards printed so far. It has been a right pain trying to align the front and back designs for printing. Also got a B for the Desgin Theory work so not too shabby there either, plus no lectures next friday so as long as I get all this work done before then I will be able to start my Christmas holiday a day sooner yyyaaaay!

Here be where I do my work

The November issue of Creative Review was all about working spaces, asking whether or not you need a 'creative' space in order to be creative. So thought I would post a photo of my working space in my student abode, of course it's not all made from cardboard and doesn't house it's own art gallery but I like working here. We have lovely white studios at uni but I still like to do all my work at home.... probably because I only seem to get productive after 9pm when the uni studios are closed. I always like seeing where people do their work, if you ever get a spare minute you should take a walk around the painting studios in the clothworkers building some really inspiring work in there. I think this steams from my love of sketch books, sometimes I find the work leading up to a 'final piece' can often be more interesting than the outcome. It's like being able to watch someones thought process.

My work space is usually fairly tidy unless I am deep into a project, then it is covered in paper and ink and pens and books. It also houses my very small design library, when I say library I mean it consists of about 11 arty books, which will one day become a whole rooms worth, like the picture in the colour spectrum library post? One point raised in the issue was the love of open plan office spaces and as a creative do you actually want to work in open plan studios? I lean toward not. I like sitting at my desk, locked away in my room with music on, thinking and planning and making. As much as I enjoy my weekly sessions in the studios surrounded by fellow students I think I would struggle to get things done if I was made to work like that all the time. I like my thinking space :) I don't like my desk surroundings to be too busy just a few bits and pieces of design I have found and like, along with some photos and to do lists. The one thing I do always need is a bigger desk, I never seem to have enough room to work...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Pure talent

I would really like a hamster, one that plays Jazz would be welcomed with open hands. Image from the new drench campaign featuring Jazz playing hamsters (click below..)...

Fancy a cuppa?

My household loves tea so much my housemate Stef built us a special tea and coffee shelving unit for a counter top because we had boxes of tea and coffee everywhere. However sadly I am the only one in the house that doesn't really drink tea (yeah I know I am a freak) but when I came across the above design I thought 'wow I am drinking tea now!' only to find it's a fictional tea design, I was very sad. Plus the designer is Russian (Natalia Ponomareva) which makes researching whether or not it is going into production very hard since I can't read Russian and neither can google it appears... Anyway I need to brave the cold and get out of bed.