Saturday, 5 December 2009

Here be where I do my work

The November issue of Creative Review was all about working spaces, asking whether or not you need a 'creative' space in order to be creative. So thought I would post a photo of my working space in my student abode, of course it's not all made from cardboard and doesn't house it's own art gallery but I like working here. We have lovely white studios at uni but I still like to do all my work at home.... probably because I only seem to get productive after 9pm when the uni studios are closed. I always like seeing where people do their work, if you ever get a spare minute you should take a walk around the painting studios in the clothworkers building some really inspiring work in there. I think this steams from my love of sketch books, sometimes I find the work leading up to a 'final piece' can often be more interesting than the outcome. It's like being able to watch someones thought process.

My work space is usually fairly tidy unless I am deep into a project, then it is covered in paper and ink and pens and books. It also houses my very small design library, when I say library I mean it consists of about 11 arty books, which will one day become a whole rooms worth, like the picture in the colour spectrum library post? One point raised in the issue was the love of open plan office spaces and as a creative do you actually want to work in open plan studios? I lean toward not. I like sitting at my desk, locked away in my room with music on, thinking and planning and making. As much as I enjoy my weekly sessions in the studios surrounded by fellow students I think I would struggle to get things done if I was made to work like that all the time. I like my thinking space :) I don't like my desk surroundings to be too busy just a few bits and pieces of design I have found and like, along with some photos and to do lists. The one thing I do always need is a bigger desk, I never seem to have enough room to work...

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