Thursday, 21 January 2010


Couple of things today kids:
1. I have finished my exams so my time is my own again which is super, not that I have done a huge amount with it....

2. Got my essay back which was a pain in the bum to write but hard work paid off and got a B+! Rather old skool didn't know they gave out B+'s anymore :) Although me not knowing how to reference (and hence didn't) probably knocked my marks down (from an A I like to think) a bit.
3. The Domesday clock freaks me out, apparently today it was put back by a minute to six minutes to 12 so that's good :|
4. Saw my favourite mysterious Professor again today, I have no idea who he is or what he teaches he just looks like the stereotypical professor guy that has lived in the library for the p
ast 40 years complete with big beard and leather elbow patches. A bit like this guy but older and less 70s-

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  1. Ha seeing the time written down like that is really odd.