Monday, 4 January 2010

New York.

Me and the boyf have just booked our trip to New York! The new year is getting off to a good start: have been productive and have actually done something we have talked about for ages and I have made a start on one of my new year resolutions- to travel to at least 3 new places :) Heading back to Leeds at the end of this week and really looking forward to it. Although not to exams and a cold house, and while I love being home I haven't had the space or time to do anything creative so it will be good to get back into things when I am back there....... Also need to use the library real bad (makes a change)....


  1. love nyc, so much fun and has such beautiful change in seasons :)


  2. Oh your so lucky I would love to go to New York! Also love this image, a different perspective than you normally see.

  3. Ahh thanks I have never been before I am getting very excited and it's months away:)