Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The bane of life

Flyers. They annoy me so so much, they must be the least useful way of communicating with the world, well to the students of Leeds at least.

If you are a student in Leeds (and I am sure many other places across the country) you will be well aware of the people standing along your route around uni thrusting leaflets into your hands. I know I barely take a second look at the shiny bits of card in my hand. I think the reason they bug me so much is the fact that they all blend into one, gaudy, scantly clad woman promoting the same drinks offers at some night you don't care about plus they are so wasteful! You know the routine take a couple from the cold looking person, barely look at them, throw them in the next bin you see- that is not effective advertising. I wish these clubs and bars could get more inventive with their advertising. I tend to go on word of mouth about good nights out, not that I saw the flyer for the said night and thought 'oooh I must go there because that cartoon lady with big boobs told me to'.

Then again maybe the reason I don't like these flyers is because I am the wrong audience for them I can't say I am the biggest fan of R&B
and hip hop nights. I have come across flyers with witty and memorable designs that have ended up on my notice board (images above). These flyers also happen to be advertising nights that I would actually go to. Coincidence? probably not.

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  1. This is the best post I've read on anyone's blog so far! So true, and made me laugh :)