Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Codladh sámh Dan

Okay just a quick post before I get on with some work... Just thought I would post some family photos that I have on my computer here with me at uni. This post is mainly prompted by the fact that I have spent the last day or so in Liverpool at a family funeral. And basically at the after gathering thing my second cousin (?) had set up loads of photos of his dad (my grandpas brother) taken throughout his life and I was just thinking how much I love looking at all those old photos.

For one it is interesting seeing how my grandparents and great uncles looked when they were my age, having just moved over from Ireland to work. Secondly I love the quality and feel the old photos have, from the folds and creases to the faded colours and sepia tones. They just give me a warm feeling hahah :)

I did touch on this theme in some uni work last year but never really developed it further. One thought I had while working on it was the fact that those 3 photos above probably mean nothing to you since you won't know the people in them, but to me they are a link to my past and depict some of the most important people in my life and remind me
of some of my happiest memories . It would be the same for me looking at your family photos, it would be nice to see them but they don't really mean that much to me. This point was raised again today when I found it much more interesting looking at the photos with my grandma. Mainly because she knew who most the people were and why and when the photos where taken, solving some mysteries in the process. Maybe it's the back story that I am really interested in. I have always said the first thing I would rescue in a fire would be the big box we keep all our family photos in, well maybe the cats first because they would be miffed if they got their tails singed...

I am not really sure what I am trying to say with this blog I could go on and on forever about photography and these photos and my family and memories so I will leave it there because geometric patterns are beckoning sigh...

p.s. I could also write a massive post about how I feel so very out of place in a church, bad times!

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