Tuesday, 24 November 2009

International Year of Astronomy

Apparently this year is the International Year of Astronomy....yeah I know, no one told me either! Anyway after a wrong turn the other week took me deep into the heart of the university's physics department (looking for a room I am sure does not exist) these images struck a cord and reminded me of those out of date textbooks you find in every science lab/ musty, old science teacher office. These retro images are a breath of fresh air in the highly photoshoped world we now live in, they remind me of screen printed images- more personal and unique.

Starting out as a self initiated project by designer Simon Page, the above images soon found their way into the hands of the Year of Astronomy organisers and were so successful they are now available to buy as prints. I also found the fact that Page is mathematically trained rather fascinating, since I have recently been spending a large amount of my time drawing various geometric patterns for the delightful professor Hann. It is nice to see a clever design use for them.

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