Thursday, 12 November 2009

Up Up Away

I was just thinking about how I could promote this blog and having just seen the film Up, I was thinking that it would be really cool to set loads of balloons free with a label on the bottom with a link to this blog. You know like they used to do at school summer fairs and the person whose balloon got the furthest won something... However I have now come to the conclusion that it would be expensive and apparently those balloon setting free sessions are pretty bad for the environment, you know the story, the plankton eat the plastic and die, then the fish eat the plankton and die, then the sea gulls eat the fish and die ect. Maybe I could use doves instead or pigeons...?

The above image is something I found on flickr again (I am really not sure about copywrite stuff these days) and I just really liked it, I love the feel and look of Polaroids shame they have stopped making the film. I hope the impossible project becomes possible, it would be rather sad to say bye to Polaroid forever.

I wonder if I could do some message in a bottle type thing, although I don't really live near the sea right now. How disappionted would you be if you found a bottle washed up with a message in it that was just a link to this blog haha. Maybe I should start some sort of guerilla campaign and fill the library books with notes that have links to here written on them. At least that way I could target people who may be interested by putting them in certain books. That may be an idea actually....

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