Saturday, 28 November 2009

Damn you burglar bill

Well my house got robbed last night, it's such a hassle with all the crime numbers and police in your house till 6am and insurance and lost essays/ photos/ videos ect. I came out of it the best off really because spookily, I forgot my scarf before I left the house so went back upstairs to get it and saw my laptop on my bed and thought hey for one time only why don't I just follow my dads advice and hide my laptop. Turns out it paid off and Larry the laptop is still my best's soo creepy (the burglary situation not the fact that I have given my laptop a name)...
So anyway me and the boyf went out for a 'ohh no I have been robbed, poor me' breakfast/ lunch. Here are some more food faces for you to enjoy :) I think the waitress thought we were a bit mental, oooh well it had been a rough night...


  1. This entertained me so much..obviously not the fact you got robbed..that's pretty rough :( although good job you hid your laptop (how weird!)..the way you wrote 'ohh no I have been robbed, poor me'. Good use of the food for the faces if you ask me :)

  2. Haha glad it entertained :)